Panther Purrs

Chris Panther likes to lay around and bath and chill like a house cat. He is known for being a large manatee of the bathtub.

More of this hilarious bathtime adventure.

Jalapeno Fartz

“Jalapeno’s Sucked. They burned my lips.” Mexican Food bro. Del Taco Jalapenos dont do that to me. Del Tacos have all the flavor though. I think they are pickled. I cannot believe no one else’s lips were burning. Everyone elses lips must be crusty AF. I have those smooth lips that burn easy. “How many times have I typed Jalapeno Fartz for it to be in my predictive text?” With a “Z” none the less? I like Panda with Sriacha. That’s a Sauce I like. Mellow.Chris Phelps