Panthers Little Friend

Panther found a friend that was willing to accompany him for a few hours. Panther decided to repay the chap with a few new hats. Panther captured the magic and shared his proud moment with the world. Below we see Panther new friend. If only what the little bastard knew what he had coming..

Panther is using his god given talents of the arts, creates his first draft of a soon to be masterpiece:

Toady McToadFace doesn’t appear to be as thrilled as expected and Panther decides to head back to the drawing board

Needing a bit more flair, Panther decides this toad takes no shit from a hoe

Perfect! Those bitch fiends from the pond won’t see this strong hand coming. I must say, Toady McToadFace is looking proper

Thrilled with his creation Artistic Panther sets his sights on a new masterpiece

A little better light so you can see how suave this casual bastard is with his fitted new era

If the rest of the world didn’t know, now they do. If they still don’t, fuck em’, How about that?